Wish List

Getting to the line in 2013 was a huge achievement, one that would not have happened without the great support I received from around the world. Unfortunately when my boat was lost, everything that was on it was also lost. So I am now starting again and am currently looking for sponsors for my campaign, but this is my kit wish list. If anyone is able to to help me acquire some of these items or has some ideas on how to get them at minimum costs, please let me know!!

Sailing Kit – All my wet weather gear, mid-layers etc were lost on the boat. I only have what I was wearing which unfortunately got damaged in the rescue.

Navigation Software –While I can’t use it during the race it is great for planning and to use as practise so I am prepared to go without it.

Sails – Most of 635 sails are going to need replacing before the Transat. These are not cheap so any donations would be much appreciated. Gennaker and main are the top priority!

Rope – 635 is going to need the running rigging replaced to give me the best opportunity to race across the Atlantic.

Race entry fees – the transat alone will be aleast 2000euros!! Some of which must be put down as a deposit at the Paris Boar show in Decemeber!

Freeze Dry food- While it is easy to concentrate on the boat I need to think of fuel for me. The less I am reliant on 2min noodles the better!!

Winches – The winches on 635 sadly are showing the age.

Rudders – like all series boats the rudders need changing before the transat for safety reasons.

Shipping – after the transat (which sadly has to be paid before!!) i have to pay around 5000euro in shipping costs.

Flight – I am going to need to get back from Guadaloupe as I will MAKE THE FINISH LINE THIS TIME!!



Any help or donations would be much appreciated!!