Dec 08



24hrs later I was freezing in Paris!

I am starting to think I had more time to rest during the race than I have had since the finish….especially since I returned to France! It was a shock to the system to go from a nice sunny beach one day to freezing cold (sadly by French standards it is not very cold but it feels like it!). I arrived back in Lorient and after one day to try and catch up on sleep (didn’t get any on the plane thanks to the passengers behind me!) it was back to work. It was/still is a bit strange to get back into the swing of life in France but I think it is important to get back into a pattern. At the moment I have an endless list of things to do (blogs and video included-sorry for the wait) and a very long list of people to email (sorry but I promise I will get back to everyone….and thanks for the kind messages) but I hope by getting back into my life here I might ward off the post-transat blues. It just means I am constantly on the run at the moment.

LIMG_1857[1]ast Friday I got the first train to Paris. Before I even got on the train, then even walking around Paris I kept seeing mini sailors! Then at the boat show itself it was great to catch up with some of my sponsors and supporters. Saturday was a big day. After the Classe Mini AGM all the skippers made their way to the boat show for the last event of the 2015 Mini Transat, the last prize giving. Then it was show time…..for my French anyway, at the stand of Lorient Grande Large where there was a discussion with some other mini skippers. I am proud to say everyone says they understood me!! Then it was off the famous party on a barge on the river. Needless to day that Sunday was not very productive then Monday was lunch with the other female transat skipper and a token French skipper, then it was back to Lorient, and today back to work. I have to admit I am looking forward to the weekend…..Saturday is dedicated to sleeping and email/blog/video…..Sunday is rugby……given it  has been a long time since I I have done much running so I am sure Monday is going to be painful!