Monthly Archive: October 2015

Oct 29

Counting down to leg 2: the Transat part!


I have to say I am really looking forward to the second leg. Yes, I am bored of sitting on this island (as beautiful as it is) but it is the part I and all the others skippers have been dreaming about, crossing the ocean solo. At the moment the wind is looking quite strong …

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Oct 22



One of the main things that always fascinated me about mini racing was how I would react in certain situations when you have no one to around help you and cannot even call/email for moral support. That is one of the biggest motivators for me to do the transat. However this is also the reason …

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Oct 21



Every day another skipper returns to the marina and it is slowly starting to feel more like a race again. For the past few weeks there has been only been probably 15 or so skippers who stayed on the island (others returning to Europe) and only 3-4 others staying on their boats. The Marina here …

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