Monthly Archive: May 2015

May 17

Fun Times in Finistère


After sailing back to Lorient last Monday it was straight back to work for a few days while 635 has been enjoying a few days on land. This weekend has for the first time in a long time, as it had absolutely nothing to do with boat or campaign (well I guess that’s not completely …

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May 09

Mini en Mai: Part 2

  To have the race cut in half was very strange. There was lots of talk on the dock of what you can or can’t do. It is designed be be like a pause but did at mean we could not repair boats? Or could we only use tools we had on board? Could we …

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May 05

Mini en Mai: Part 1


As I type this it is a gloriously sunny day, the first in a long time…..but I am stuck on land due to the howling wind. Yesterday we had a 40mile race which was then suspended so to say.   The race started with a reach out of Quiberon Bay which I was very pleased …

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May 02

May Madness!

Adding the waypoints to the GPS

Busy, but thankfully not chaotic, would be the best way describe my life over the past week….mainly so that the next few weeks go as much to plan as possible (fingers crossed). After delivering the boat to La Trinite, it was back to work for a week with me attempting to prepare the boat at …

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