Monthly Archive: October 2013

Oct 27

The colour we have all been waiting for….Green


This morning at 1030 we got an email to tell us that code Orange was in force. Then at tonight’s briefing it went to Green. At the moment here, it is howling windy, raining hard and the swell is building. I am very glad to be inside at the moment. Tomorrow morning we will get …

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Oct 25

Back to Red for good reasons!


The rollercoaster that is a Mini Campaign has been at the extreme in the past week. Feeling at the dock had been quite down as the days kept going by with little hope. It is hard to keep your head in the game. Getting mentally ready to go especially with the rumor mill at the …

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Oct 23

Orange Alert!!


At tonight’s briefing we were informed that we are now in code orange with a possible start on Friday evening. The window is not big enough to get the fleet past Finisterre so they will send us to the Spanish port of Gijon. If this is the case we will get changed to code green …

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Oct 17

Just what I needed….


  Today was one of those days where I keep asking myself is it worth it. Having dreamt about the start of the Transat for years then watching the 13th go by was tough but today as brought about a whole new level of frustration. After a relaxing evening then a late start this morning …

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Oct 17

Qualified to wait!!

While I have only had the boat for a year it has been a much longer process to get to the start line. I knew about the mini before 2007, but it was late 2007 when I got really interested as something for me to aim for. Then in 2010 when I moved to Europe …

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