Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 27

Back to the real world

I always knew it would be a letdown after 2 weeks of classe mini action but the weather has a least made it better. After a very cold and wet April I was starting to think summer would never come but it finally has. The past week has been great on the water. Temperatures in …

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May 20

UK Mini Fastnet -Bashing upwind, drifting and balloon hands!!

Friday, just at sunset Romain and I crossed the finish line exhausted after an intense race. The race started in a nice 10-15kts in bright sunshine. After a short inshore lap we headed out towards Eddystone lighthouse. After a not to good start we started to make our way up the fleet as we headed …

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May 12

UK Mini Fastnet Tomorrow!!

When you think of a typical Mini Sailor, you (well I did at one stage) and  think youngish French male who doesn’t really interact with non French and gets to live the sailing dream with true sponsors. It could not be further from the truth. At breakfast today we had 2 Aussies including me, 2 …

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May 11

Security Checks

Classe Mini has some of the strictest safety rules in the world and before every race the boats are checked. Before the UK Solent 650 Andy and I had our boat checked and it took us hours to get everything sorted to the level they wanted. Today I got to see Adrenaline the boat I …

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May 10

Next step.. Mini Fastnet

When I first heard about Mini’s I was back in Australia when Liz Wardley was getting into the class. My initial reactions was like, are these people nuts? It was only when I got into offshore racing while living in Sydney that I started to think that maybe, just maybe they made sense. Having spent …

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